LUCIR Lecture: Future Warfare and Civilian Protection


Wijnhaven Library, the Hague, Netherlands


February 14, 2023



Project Ploughshares Senior Researcher Branka Marijan will be giving a lecture at the Leiden University Centre for International Relations in the Hague, Netherlands. Branka will be speaking about the protection of civilians and future warfare. 

AI warfighting and legal, ethical and technical concerns

Militaries are increasingly integrating new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, into warfighting transforming the contemporary and future battlefields. These new technologies raise a number of legal, ethical and technical concerns. Crucially, important questions remain regarding the protection of civilians as increasingly autonomous systems are deployed. The need for a multi-layered governance approach, including an international agreement that prohibits and sets limits on particular uses of autonomous systems in warfare, will be examined. Our speaker Branka Marijan has followed the ongoing United Nations process on autonomous weapons for over seven years and provides insight into possible ways to overcome the largely stalled discussion.