Military Uses of Artificial Intelligence




July 4, 2023



Military Uses of Artificial Intelligence: Dr. Branka Marijan

As research and development as well as battlefield use of artificial intelligence (AI) continue apace, greater attention to this use is needed. Perceptions about the advantage provided by AI technologies to militaries is shaping the push for the deployment of technologies that may not be ready for war zones.

Regulation, while more vibrant in the last six months, is still lagging and several countries are pushing for voluntary measures. Crucially, the issue is all the more concerning as it is happening against the background of a growing global competition and heightened tensions between the United States and China, where AI dominance is seen as a central aspect. An effective multilevel governance framework is necessary to address the scale of the challenge.

Dr. Branka Marijan is a senior researcher at Project Ploughshares. She leads the research on the military and security implications of emerging technologies. Her work examines ethical concerns regarding the development of autonomous weapons systems and the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on security provision and trends in warfare. She holds a PhD from the Balsillie School of International Affairs with a specialization in conflict and security. She has conducted research on post-conflict societies and published academic articles and reports on the impacts of conflict on civilians and diverse issues of security governance, including security sector reform.

Moderator: Dr. Asress Adimi Gikay