The Forgotten War: Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the Canadian arms trade




March 27, 2023


Eight years ago, the Saudi-led coalition began an armed intervention in Yemen. An estimated 377,000 people have died because of the conflict. Millions more have been displaced across the region.

Leading organizations have repeatedly accused the Saudi-led coalition of perpetrating gross violations of human rights in the conflict and have called for an end to weapons transfers to the warring parties. Yet in these eight years, Canada has exported record numbers of arms to Saudi Arabia.

Join us at a virtual panel to learn about Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, Canada’s ongoing export of arms to Saudi Arabia, and the relationship between Canada’s feminist foreign policy and the booming Canadian arms trade.

This event will include live English to French interpretation.


Fatma Jaffar, Policy & Advocacy Lead, Oxfam in Yemen

Jennifer Pedersen, Scholar and Humanitarian Policy Advisor

Cesar Jaramillo, Executive Director, Project Ploughshares