Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

February 24, 2022


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Russia’s illegal military incursion into Ukraine poses a grave threat to international security, undermines the rules-based international order, and endangers the lives of millions of civilians. It also risks escalating into a wider conflict, with devastating consequences in Europe and beyond.

In this context:

  • Russia must immediately cease military operations in and around Ukraine.
  • The threat or use of nuclear weapons must be unequivocally rejected by all nuclear-armed states, directly or indirectly involved in this conflict, under all circumstances.
  • All parties involved militarily in the conflict must adhere strictly to the principles of International Humanitarian Law, including precaution, distinction, and proportionality.
  • Every measure must be taken to minimize harm to civilians and civilian infrastructure, including the avoidance of any use of explosive weapons in populated areas.
  • The international community must make emergency humanitarian assistance readily available to those harmed by this conflict, including refugees and internally displaced persons.
  • The pursuit of diplomatic solutions aimed at de-escalation must continue even as the crisis enters this critical stage.

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Photo: Vladimir Putin with Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu in 2013 by is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0.

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