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Ukraine’s battle-tested tech

Q&A: Aiming to build confidence through transparency

Strengthening the protection of civilians: Reflections from the Oslo Conference on EWIPA

Q&A: A modern-day Phileas Fogg

Security threats from airspace call for greater human rights protection

No, there are no nukes in space - but we still have a weapons problem

Canadian arms ban on Israel: Step in the right direction but no silver bullet

AI targeting in Gaza and beyond

A challenging year ahead for nuclear disarmament

Top Canadian military suppliers to the US: Fiscal year 2023

We can’t ignore the militarization of space

Tracking human rights violations with no certain access to satellite data

Reconnecting with former Ploughshares interns Part 2

February 27, 2024
Analysis and Commentary

Redefining the battlefield: Drone warfare tactics in Ukraine

February 8, 2024
Analysis and Commentary

In lifting Turkish arms embargo, Canada politicizes arms controls

December 1, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

EWIPA: The epitome of civilian suffering in modern conflict

December 1, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Canada’s largest-ever arms deal to Latin America and the Caribbean

December 1, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

A first-ever resolution on autonomous weapons

December 1, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Reconnecting with former Ploughshares interns

December 1, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Wake up, world! You need to hear this

November 29, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Crafting new solutions to avert an arms race in outer space

December 1, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Getting outer space diplomacy off the treadmill

November 9, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Canada must do more for Gazan innocents

October 30, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Can AI be governed?

October 24, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

How will Canada respond to the AI revolution?

October 17, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

As the Oppenheimer buzz fades, the nuclear weapons threat remains

September 18, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Ploughshares meets the challenge of our time with a new venture

September 18, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Canada’s arms exports in 2022

September 18, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

The dilemma of dual-use AI

September 18, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

4 Perils of military AI

September 18, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Hidden harms: A feminist spotlight on space security

September 18, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

Limiting the environmental impact of explosive weapons

September 18, 2023
Analysis and Commentary

How one-way attack drones challenge security norms in Ukraine – and beyond

Session 4 of the #SpaceThreatsOEWG: What to look for this week

AI’s Oppenheimer moment?

Ukraine needs a peace plan – and someone to champion it

Preserving space for peaceful use, with Victoria Samson

Q&A: A new lens on global security

The G7 Vision on Nuclear Disarmament disappoints

The Chinese balloon: How it reflects the security dilemma in outer space

Choosing hope in the face of disaster

Questions riddle path to peace for Ukraine

Q&A: Talking AI in the Netherlands

Military AI and civilian protection

Top Canadian suppliers to the U.S. Department of Defense

November 22, 2022
Analysis and Commentary

Canadian armoured vehicles in Haiti

The ATT in 2022: Focus on post-shipment controls

2021 Nobel Peace Prize: Champions for peace

An educated, cautious optimism

February 14, 2022
Analysis and Commentary

Ukraine crisis an opportunity to rethink the future of transatlantic security

November 29, 2021
Analysis and Commentary

Q&A: Harnessing the power of story

September 13, 2021
Analysis and Commentary

Lessons from the Chemical Weapons Convention

Time to ban debris-generating weapons tests in space

A journey of refugees: From Libya to Italy

5 lessons from the cancellation of Canadian arms exports to Turkey

Yemen and Canada’s $2.8-billion moral deficit

Selling military goods to the United States

We need to restart talks on regulating autonomous weapons—now

The devastating impact of COVID-19 on refugees

Autonomous collaborative weapons

It’s not too late to save the Iran nuclear deal

November 30, 2020
Analysis and Commentary

Export suspension exposes flaws in Canada’s arms controls

February 4, 2021
Analysis and Commentary

Clearview AI signals growing data privacy problem

January 29, 2021
Analysis and Commentary

It's time for Canada to signal a shift in its nuclear disarmament policy

November 30, 2020
Analysis and Commentary

Rethinking arms control: A Canadian perspective

The ubiquity of military-grade drone tech

Canada must resist U.S. efforts to further undermine the Iran nuclear deal

Urban Conflict: A Breeding Ground for COVID-19

Public tip lines: The enemy of resilience

Using drones and UGVs to fight COVID-19—but then what?

Can COVID-19 provide us with a blueprint for economic conversion?

Arms control diplomacy a worrying casualty of COVID-19

Will Canada’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia impact its bid for a UN Security Council seat?

Containing COVID-19, together: it's time to reinvest in collective security

A Statement on COVID-19

September 19, 2019
Analysis and Commentary

New Technologies and Conflict Escalation

3 Key Takeaways from the Innovations Dialogue

October 16, 2018
Analysis and Commentary

Q&A: Women and Yemen’s peace process

Canada’s reluctant participation in peacekeeping in Mali: What it reveals

February 13, 2019
Analysis and Commentary

Canada’s future role in UN peace operations

October 24, 2018
Analysis and Commentary

Blurring the lines: Virtual, mixed reality and the future of warfare

Untangling the current U.S. refugee program

Call for independent review into use of Canadian-made armoured vehicles in Saudi Arabia

The ‘Black Mirror’ spectre and autonomous weapons

October 25, 2017
Analysis and Commentary

Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade

Re-affirming City of Toronto as a Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone

On Elon Musk, AI and killer robots

The legal challenge to the Safe Third Country Agreement: What’s at stake?

September 25, 2017
Analysis and Commentary

Yemen In The Time Of Cholera

September 19, 2017
Analysis and Commentary

The costs of Canada’s indecisiveness on peacekeeping

CBC radio interview: Canada and the nuclear weapons ban

Canadians among experts calling for UN action on killer robots

Canada Can't Keep Denying It Ought To Scrap Saudi Arms Deal

Canada’s new feminist international aid policy: From words to action

Changing the “War on Terror” script

How can Canada respond to irregular migrants?

February 6, 2017
Analysis and Commentary

Does Trump’s refugee order tie UNHCR's hands?

January 25, 2017
Analysis and Commentary

Despite ruling, many questions on Saudi arms deal linger

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